Startups and Entrepreneurship

“Startup” and “Entrepreneurship” are the two buzz words in India today. India is now number 3 in terms of startups across the world. Startups have become a clear focus not only from the Government "StartUp India" but with every major university now building an innovation lab and a startup cell including courses on Startup and entrepreneurship. These have become important and interesting career options for students with a focus on "Job Creators vs Job Seekers". Frugal innovation is also in this mix for creating the Startup and Entrepreneurship revolution in India.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has initiated the 'Start up India, Stand up India' mission which aims to promote start-ups by of fering incentives to boost the entrepreneurial culture leading to job creation in the country. Indus Foundation supports the 'Start up India, Stand up India' mission for making India a start-up hub fostering entrepreneurship and promoting innovation. Indus Foundation supports social entrepreneurs who are working towards developing, testing and scaling solutions that can address Indian and global development challenges.

Indus Foundation aims at extending support to innovators in starting new ventures and businesses, skill development and training, developing strong business models for sustainability, connecting with finding agencies/social venture capitalists, incubation and accelerator services, networking opportunities, etc.

The Indo-Global Awards for Excellence 2018 will identify and acknowledge cutting-edge start-ups evolving in India that are creating innovative technology solutions to solve real life problems, creating job opportunities with unique skill sets, nurturing competitive talent and fuelling growth of the Indian economy. The awardees will be recognised and honoured during the awards function to be held in Hyderabad on December 9, 2018.

The awards provide an opportunity to Indian Startups to showcase their ideas and work with a larger audience comprising of potential investors, mentors, fellow Startups, Government authorities, etc. The event will also see participation from Incubators, Financial Institutions, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist, State and Central Government Departments and various Industry Bodies.

Entrepreneurship Awards aim at encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship across the country. These premier awards seek to recognise and honour entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship ecosystem builders for their outstanding efforts. The Awards seek to recognise the efforts and achievements of exceptional entrepreneurs and those individuals and organisations who are working in the field of entrepreneurship development. The Awards also seek to highlight models of excellence for others to emulate and improve upon.

Nominations for the awards are solicited from budding and cutting edge start-ups under public, private, corporate, non-profit entities from all sectors/disciplines including but not limiting Agriculture, Biotech, Pharma, Healthcare, Chemicals, Advanced Materials, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Telecom, IT, Electronics, etc. Nominations received will be judged by an eminent jury panel on the basis of degree of innovativeness, potential impact for target industry/user group, market potential of the innovation, etc.

  Award enables the winner to reach out to society with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense marketing and PR value of the award.
  The award ceremony will be covered by leading newspapers and TV channels.
  The winner will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of commitment to excellence.
  The winner will enjoy publicity that will establish reputation as a proven provider of exemplary levels of services.
 The winner will be able to use the award certificate in all brochures, leaflets, advertisements, websites and promotional collaterals.


Nominations may be submitted on-line to the Indus Foundation at by individuals, institutions, or organizations, specifying the award(s) applied for and for whom. Self-nominations are also permitted. Nominations should be accompanied by the Nomination form along with the following materials (soft copy) in order for the nominations to be considered by the jury.

INSTITUTIONS & ORGANIZATIONS: Nomination (not more than four A4 pages) describing the nominee’s salient features and achievements for the specific award.

INDIVIDUALS: The nominee’s qualifications, achievements and resume (not more than four A4 pages).

Experts of the INDUS FOUNDATION will review each nomination thoroughly and shortlist suitable nominations to be considered for selection. The experts have broad discretion and may re-assign a nominee to an Award other than the one nominated for. Upon selection by the Awards jury, award winners will be informed by e-mail in about a month. The decision of the Awards jury will be final and binding.

Nominations received without the Sponsorship contribution will not be considered. In case, nomination is not accepted, the Sponsorship contribution will be refunded.

There is no prescribed pro-forma for nominations. INDUS FOUNDATION reserves the right to select awardees.

Terms and Conditions
  Sponsorship contribution payable for nomination of an award is: Individual-INR 10,000; Institution / Organization-INR 15,000.
  Nominations can be made for more than one award, but Sponsorship contribution has to be paid for each award.
  Award winners are allowed to attend the entire program on December 9, 2018. In case, award winner is unable to attend the program, the award will be couriered on “to pay” basis.
  In case, nominee is not selected for award, Sponsorship contribution will be refunded.

Individual Awards
The Awards will recognize the brilliant work done by individual Entrepreneurs who have impacted Indian entrepreneurship through exemplary activities and their leadership of their startup companies.

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year

    Vivacious young business leader demonstrating high growth in minimum time frame.

  • Founder of the Year

    Visionary entrepreneur who took the business from zero to one and one to 100 with least capital raised and in minimum time

  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

    The woman in business who broke the male boardroom glass ceiling

  • Innovator of the Year

    The IP led business leader with the potential for market disruption

  • Resilient Entrepreneur of the Year

    The never-give-up entrepreneur who thrived in adversity

  • Global Entrepreneur of the Year

    For whom the world is his/her market

  • Startup Leader of the Year

    The creator of a new market that did not exist before

  • Creative Entrepreneur of the Year

    The absolute value creator out of sheer creativity

  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year

    Finding real solutions to India's toughest social problems

Startup Awards
Startups will be recognized across sectors for their outstanding contribution to changing the country for the better while building a new activity or business.

  • Best Social Impact Startup

    Penetrating deeply for impacting the most disadvantaged or underprivileged section of society

  • Best Smart City Solution Startup

    An idea or solution for resounding change in the fundamental ways of how cities function

  • Best Workforce Enablement Startup

    Helping solve India's rising skill mismatch through skill development and job placements

  • Best Bio-science and Bio-technology Startup

    Developing breakthrough products to make healthcare affordable, faster accessible and easy disease diagnosis and quicker recovery

  • Best Food Tech Startup

    Delivering more than just food

  • Best Healthcare Startup

    Solving India's last mile healthcare challenge

  • Best Consumer Internet Startup

    The high growth profitable digital platform across categories for consumers with minimum capital

  • Best Edu-tech Startup

    Measuring growth in terms of students, courses, engagement time, revenue

  • Best Artificial Intelligence Startup

    Using machine intelligence for fast forwarding growth in the least time

  • Best Deep-Tech Startup

    The most disruptive engineering innovation powered by virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, robotics in terms of its scale of growth and future impact potential

  • Best Logistics Startup

    Measuring optimization of existing resources for small business efficiency through automation software, last mile delivery, vehicle tracking, warehousing and supply chain management

  • Best Clean-tech Startup

    Measuring sustainability of use of resources to improve sanitation services

  • Best Real Estate Startup

    Measuring growth in construction material, property management, brokerage, rental management, buying and selling, site operations, etc.

  • Best Energy Startup

    Generating, managing, saving, optimizing, dispersing energy through unique ways at lower cost with higher impact

  • Best Retail Startup

    Start-up growing across niche retail categories for market and product differentiation

  • Best B2B Startup

    Young b2b busines offering products and services with highest client acquisitions

  • Best Bootstrapped Startup

    Biggest bootstrapped business in terms of revenue

  • Best Community Builder Startup

    Driving growth through community development and engagement with a social network effect

  • Best Product Business Startup

  • Wellness Product

    Unique and best selling product in its category or having fastest user adoption

  • Food/FMCG Product

    The mass selling FMCG product with least time to market

  • Consumer Durable

    The new best seller in consumer durable goods with highest sales

Startup Ecosystem
The Awards will recognize the Ecosystem that has empowered the Startup Industry to become main stream and helped it to grow.

  • Best Incubators

    These awards recognize and honor exemplary incubation programs. The incubator must have on-site management, provide a full range of business development services and focus on the development of young entrepreneurs.

  • Best Startup Accelerators

    These awards recognize outstanding startup accelerators that nurture young startups based on important factors such as fundraising, valuations, and survival rate.

  • Best Startup Mentors

    These awards recognize best startup mentors who provide guidance, ideas, and support to startups to make them successful.

  • Best Angel Networks

    These awards recognize leading Angel Networks that connect promising startups to experienced individuals who invest time and money for developing entrepreneurship.

  • Best Venture Capitalists

    These awards recognize leading venture capitalists who transform businesses from startups into high-growth companies through funding and strategic guidance.

  • Best Entrepreneurs

    These awards recognize inspirational and exceptional young entrepreneurs around the world who have played an important role in the business sphere.

  • Social Impact Excellence

    These awards are given to outstanding individuals, institutions and organizations in recognition of their efforts in creating positive social impact.

Emerging Entrepreneurs of 2018
  • Innovative Startup of the Year

    A business owner / founder of an organization, who has developed a unique business model and has made remarkable progress in the initial period of starting the business.

  • Tech Startup of the Year

    Celebrating the best of tech, by disrupting the tech industry in some way. This category is open to all Business enterprises (SaaS / Cloud Big Data / Fintech / Artificial Intelligence / IOT)

  • Home or Craft-based Startup of the Year

    This includes home-based businesses or/and craft-based businesses.

  • Digital / Online Startup of the Year

    This Award will recognise businesses that earn 40% or more of their revenue online.

  • Emerging Startup of the Year

    In this category, we are looking to recognise businesses and organizations that are in the very early stages of development.

  • Energy Startup of the Year

    A business owner / founder of an organization, who has developed a unique new Energy saving/New Energy generation business model and has made remarkable progress in the initial period of starting the business.

  • Logistics /Fulfillment Startup of the Year

    Smooth production and distribution can mark the difference between success and failure of any Business. The Award will spotlight the supply chains /logisitc/ fulfillment & delivery

Established Entrepreneurs of 2018
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Consumer Business)

    A business owner or founder of an organization offering / retailing consumer products or services to the consumer directly

  • Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year (Business Transformation)

    A business owner or founder of an organization, who has led the progressive change in adopting an effective business model or set up a new mark in the industry

  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Innovation in Technology)

    A business owner or founder of an organization whose business is into innovation in products or services.

  • Professional Entrepreneur of the Year

    An employee of an organization, who has demonstrated leadership and taken the business growth to a scalable size.

  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Innovation in Financial Services)

    A business owner / founder who is into providing financial and related services

  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year

    Founder/owner of an organization in a business that directly or indirectly creates social awareness / improvement.

  • Creative Entrepreneur of the Year

    Founder/owner of an organization in the business of product design and design services.

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year

    A business owner who has achieved significantly in his entrepreneurial venture at a young age (must be 35 years or less of age as on December 9, 2018)

  • Serial Entrepreneur of the Year

    Entrepreneur for creating and demonstrating multiple ventures successfully- from business ideation, implementing it through new venture, creating value for stakeholders, having floated IPO or raised external capital at a later stage ; demonstrating exceptional success and has the will and spirit to do it all again.

  • Student Entrepreneur of the Year

    Student(in school, college or university) who juggles his studies with his startup successfully.

  • Intrapreneur of the Year

    Are you an inside entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur within a large firm who has used your trailblazer skills to innovate and lead a new internal enterprise, avoiding common startup risks who has been given the authority and support to create or develop a new project and has turned it into a profitable venture for the company.

  • Micro /Small Online Business Entrepreneur of the Year

    This Award will recognise businesses that earn 40% or more of their revenue online. You could be an online retailer or an online game, etc

  • Green Entrepreneur of the Year

    This entrepreneur will specialise in environmental industries, clean tech and sustainability. There will be clear evidence of their positive environmental impact and their business’ ability to create positive change and influence thinking.

  • Entrepreneur of the Year

    A business owner who has achieved remarkable success in his entrepreneurial venture

  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

    A business owner (woman) who has achieved remarkable success in her entrepreneurial venture

  • Entrepreneur of the Year - Real Estate

    A successful business owner / founder who is into Real Estate

  • Lifetime Achievement

    Applicant / nominee should have had outstanding achievements and should also have contributed significantly towards the socio-economic growth over a period of time

  • Family Entrepreneur of the Year

    Established entrepreneur from family run business, who has been able to take the business to a scalable height

  • Business Mentor of the Year

    Individual, may or may not have been an entrepreneur, but contributed in significant and visible manner and having played an exceptional role in guiding, leading and influencing a project / business

  • Entrepreneur of the Year in Trading Business

    A business owner or founder of an organization who is into Trading / distribution of product / services in the role of a Franchisee/Distributor/Dealer/Area Developer / Retailer/Wholesaler or C&F /Broker /e-Retailer

  • Entrepreneur of the Year in Service Business

    Awards will be given to successful business owners or founders of an organization offering Consumer or Business services (BPO / Travel / SCM & Logistics/Cleaning / Financial / Training / SAS& IT services / Security / Recruitment & HR / Money Services / Healthcare / Fitness / Food / Beverage / Education / Health/ Beauty & Wellness / Consultant / Printing)

  • Entrepreneur of the Year in Product or Manufacturing Business

    Awards will be given to business owners or founders in Manufacturing business who have implemented innovative approach to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement in lean manufacturing process in any of the following categories: FMCG / Consumer Durables / construction material / technology / Export / Automotive & Ancillary / Healthcare / Engineering / Printing / Plastics & Polymers / Leather Goods / Textile

  • Most Active Angel Network of India

    An agile angel funding network that is stimulating the growth of startups and entrepreneurs in the country.

  • Venture Capitalist of the Year

    Recognizing the most prolific investors who have provided relentless support to the business community in the country.

  • Angel Investor of the Year

    An individual investor who has shown great vision in identifying and assisting Startups, Entrepreneurs or SMEs.

  • Investment Banker of the Year

    An investment banker who has done remarkable work in terms of banking and financial services to entrepreneurs in the country.