Student Recruitment

A large number of well qualified and financially able Indian students are interested in opportunities for higher education in good Indian institutions. The Indus Foundation assists Indian institutions to recruit students. Its staff is in a unique position to offer current and relevant advice to students on the one hand and to the institutions on the other. Sponsors and exhibitors are invited to recruit students at the Summit & Expo.
  Activities during the Summit & Expo include one-on-meetings with students and parents. Summit & Expo will provide an excellent opportunity to recruit substantial number of qualified students.
  Attendance of students at the Summit & Expo will be in several thousand because of intensive advertising and promotional campaign prior to the event.
  The Indus Foundation will follow-up with students who attend the Summit & Expo until they actually enroll.
  Entry is free for students and parents.

NOTE: Institutions and organizations interested in recruitment of students are advised to register as sponsors or take table spaces in the Expo.