The Indian healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to become a US$ 280 billion industry by 2020. Rising income levels and growing elderly populations are all factors that are driving this growth. In addition, changing demographics, disease profiles and the shift from chronic to lifestyle diseases in the country has led to increased spending on healthcare delivery.

Even so, nearly one million Indians die every year due to inadequate healthcare facilities and 700 million people have no access to specialist care. 80% of specialists live in urban areas. In order to meet manpower shortages and reach world standards, India would require investments of up to $20 billion over the next 5 years. India produces over 250,000 doctors annually in the modern system of medicine. A higher number of nurses and para-medical professionals and practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy are also produced. Better policy regulations and the establishment of public-private partnerships are possible solutions to the problem of manpower shortage.

As incomes rise and the number of available financing options in terms of health insurance policies increase, consumers have become more and more engaged in making informed decisions about their healthcare and associated costs. In order to remain competitive, healthcare providers are now not only looking at improving operational efficiency, but are also looking at ways of enhancing patient’s overall experience. These exceptional, proactive and ahead of the curve institutions are the ones leading the way for the Indian healthcare industry.

Indian Healthcare Market - A Key Player in the Global Healthcare Industry
The Indian healthcare sector has emerged as one of the largest service sectors in India. Healthcare spending in India is expected to rise by 12% per annum. As per an estimate, during 2012, healthcare spending contributed 8% of GDP and employed around 9 million people. Rising incomes and growing literacy are likely to drive higher per capita expenditure on healthcare. The trend is shifting from infectious diseases to lifestyle diseases.

The medical equipment market is growing at a rapid pace. The demand for hi-tech products is close to 80 percent of the overall market in India. Major international medical equipment companies are lining up their investments in India for setting up local bases.

Over the past few years, medical tourism has gained momentum in India. An increasing number of patients from developed countries are getting quality health services in India for less than half the price prevailing in their countries. India is becoming a popular medical tourist destination in Asia. At present, medical tourism is a 2 billion (dollar) business and is expected to grow substantially in the future.

Over the last five years, the Indian pathology industry has been growing at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 20% per annum. Many of the renowned Indian pathology laboratories are expanding globally by signing outsourcing contracts with hospitals in Europe and other countries for pathological services. Outsourcing of pathology and laboratory tests by foreign hospital chains is becoming a huge opportunity because of the high cost differential in India.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is expected to grow in double digits. India is now one of the top five emerging pharmaceutical markets in the world. There will be new drug launches, new drug filing, and phase II clinical trials throughout the coming years. On back of increasing sales of generic medicines, continued growth in chronic therapies and a greater penetration in rural markets, the Indian domestic market will continue to expand. The industry is expected to touch US$ 35.9 billion by 2016 and US$ 55 billion by 2020. The Indian pharmaceuticals market has grown in confidence and has firmly moved on to an accelerated growth path.

In a ground breaking endeavor to present to the nation, finest healthcare providers, the Indus Foundation has initiated the Healthcare Excellence Awards - country's most authoritative awards for the healthcare industry. The awards will be a grand event which will witness the coming together of the entire healthcare community. With leaders from private and government organizations, policy makers, representatives from the government and key people from sector affiliates, all assemble to recognize and applaud the achievements of the best healthcare providers. Each Award recognizes excellence in healthcare as manifested in the varied ways that may significantly impact the health and well-being of our citizens.

The Healthcare Excellence Awards aim at felicitating professionals, institutions and organisations for their contributions to the industry and academia by innovating for increased efficiency, affordability and improved performance of healthcare delivery at large. Award categories span across various healthcare segments. The awards are unique and cover various professional and specialists groups whose achievements so often go unnoticed. The awards are a definitive recognition for contribution to healthcare over the years.

  Award enables the winner to reach out to society with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense marketing and PR value of the award.
  The award ceremony will be covered by leading newspapers and TV channels.
  The winner will be on a new high, a fast-track route to recognition of commitment to excellence.
  The winner will enjoy publicity that will establish reputation as a proven provider of exemplary levels of services.
 The winner will be able to use the award certificate in all brochures, leaflets, advertisements, websites and promotional collaterals.


Nominations may be submitted on-line to the Indus Foundation at by individuals, institutions, or organizations, specifying the award(s) applied for and for whom. Self-nominations are also permitted. Nominations should be accompanied by the Nomination form along with the following materials (soft copy) in order for the nominations to be considered by the jury.

INSTITUTIONS & ORGANIZATIONS: Nomination (not more than four A4 pages) describing the nominee’s salient features and achievements for the specific award.

INDIVIDUALS: The nominee’s qualifications, achievements and resume (not more than four A4 pages).

Experts of the INDUS FOUNDATION will review each nomination thoroughly and shortlist suitable nominations to be considered for selection. The experts have broad discretion and may re-assign a nominee to an Award other than the one nominated for. Upon selection by the Awards jury, award winners will be informed by e-mail in about a month. The decision of the Awards jury will be final and binding.

Nominations received without the Sponsorship contribution will not be considered. In case, nomination is not accepted, the Sponsorship contribution will be refunded.

There is no prescribed pro-forma for nominations. INDUS FOUNDATION reserves the right to select awardees.

Terms and Conditions
  Sponsorship contribution payable for nomination of an award is: Individual-INR 10,000; Institution / Organization-INR 15,000.
  Nominations can be made for more than one award, but Sponsorship contribution has to be paid for each award.
  Award winners are allowed to attend the entire program on December 9, 2018. In case, award winner is unable to attend the program, the award will be couriered on “to pay” basis.
  In case, nominee is not selected for award, Sponsorship contribution will be refunded.

  • Hospitals & Centres

    • Best Multi Specialty Hospital
    • Best Hospital in Secondary Care
    • Best District Hospital
    • Best General Hospital
    • Best Single Specialty Hospital
    • Best Hospital for Medical Tourism
    • Best Hospital for Wellness & Healthcare
    • Best Hospital for Equipment
    • Best Hospital for Innovation
    • Best Ayurveda Center
    • Best Acupuncture Center
    • Best Cosmetic Surgery Centre
    • Best Diagnostic & Imaging Centre
    • Best Homeopathy Centre
    • Best Physiotherapy Centre
    • Best Plastic Surgery Centre

  • Healthcare Professionals, Institutions and Organisations

    • Excellence in Allergy & Immunology
    • Excellence in Andrology
    • Excellence in Anesthesiology
    • Excellence in Ayurveda
    • Excellence in Cardiology
    • Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery
    • Excellence in Diabetology / Endocrinology
    • Excellence in Dietetics
    • Excellence in Dentistry
    • Excellence in Dermatology
    • Excellence in Emergency Medicine
    • Excellence in Family Medicine
    • Excellence in Gastroenterology
    • Excellence in General Practice
    • Excellence in Geriatric Medicine
    • Excellence in Health Research
    • Excellence in Homeopathy
    • Excellence in Hospice & Palliative Medicine
    • Excellence in Infectious Diseases
    • Excellence in Medical Publishing
    • Excellence in Medicine
    • Excellence in Nephrology
    • Excellence in Neurology
    • Excellence in Neurosurgery
    • Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Excellence in Oncology and Hematology
    • Excellence in Ophthalmology
    • Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery
    • Excellence in Otorhinolaryngology (E.N.T.)
    • Excellence in Pain Management
    • Excellence in Pediatrics
    • Excellence in Physiotherapy
    • Excellence in Plastic Surgery
    • Excellence in Psychiatry
    • Excellence in Public Health
    • Excellence in Public Health Nutrition
    • Excellence in Pulmonology
    • Excellence in Radiology
    • Excellence in Rheumatology
    • Excellence in Surgery
    • Excellence in Unani
    • Excellence in Urology
    • Excellence in Yoga & Naturopathy

  • IT & Healthcare Delivery Companies

    • Best Innovative Healthcare Delivery Company
    • Best Dialysis Service Provider Company
    • Best Diagnostic Service Provider Company
    • Best Wellness Service Provider Company
    • Best Hair Restoration Service Provider Company
    • Best IVF Service Provider Company
    • Best Healthcare Service Provider Company
    • Best Healthcare Insurance Company
    • Best Clinical Research Organization
    • Best Biotech Company
    • Best Pharmaceutical Company
    • Best Medical Devices Company
    • Best Healthcare Retail Company
    • Best Healthcare IT Application Company
    • Best Ultrasound Equipment Company
    • Best CT Scan Equipment Company
    • Best Laparoscopic Devices Company
    • Best Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Company
    • Best Blood Glucose Monitoring Device Company
    • Best Sleep & Respiratory Devices Company
    • Best Cardiac Stents Company
    • Best Medical Publishing Company

  • Teachers & Others

    • Teaching in any healthcare field
    • Excellence in Nursing
    • Excellence in Auxiliary Healthcare
    • Excellence in Allied Health Sciences

  • Special Awards

    • Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year